Monday, October 15, 2012

Crash !! :-(

"Hey, where you been?"  "I thought you said you were back and rearing to go."

Well, if I may offer up feeble excuse number 37, my computer crashed.  And my husband, who is a genius at such things, was caught up in a big project at work and had limited time to devote to rebuilding my system. 

So there you go.  You see, my computer repair expertise stops at "check the cables and connections."  Oh, and turn it on and off a hundred times, see if that makes it work.  (surprising how often those two skill sets will solve the problem.)

We finally came to the conclusion that the computer was toast.  Crispy burnt up toast

I am now back in business.  (wonder what my next excuse will be?) more excuses.  I love writing this blog.  That's the problem.  I see it as a treat.  Doing something I love.  And fun comes after work and chores right?  Treats come after we finish our broccoli.  (blech..shhh, don't tell my kids, but I don't believe there is enough cheese sauce in this world to make broccoli palatable.) Things is, I'll never make it to dessert, cause my plate is always heaped full of mushy overcooked olive drab broccoli.

My day certainly goes better if I take a little time to do something I love.  Must change my mindset.  It's not necessarily wrong to do something you love - unless what you love is murder and mayhem.  It would be wrong to do murder and mayhem. 

Wait, am I on to something here?  If my day goes better, it stands to reason I'll get more of my chores done.  Or at least won't be so grumpy while I'm doing the chores.  (Which by the way, never stay done.  Ever.  Since the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, I must be insane to keep doing chores.  'Cause I always think if I tidy up, things will stay put away.  Yes, I am clearly insane.) 

So now that I've had a little fun, guess I better go clean a toilet or something....blech.