Thursday, January 3, 2013

I resolve to .......

New Year, New Start...sure why not?  What the heck, huh?

Lose weight?  Eat better, exercise?  Nope.  This year, I'm going to focus on pampering.  Myself, others.  Just the year of Pamper (not to be confused with a year of "Pampers"... hopefully diapers are a long way off)


  • Stress pampering - learning to let go.  
  • House pampering - following the Fly Lady at  (a home keeping blog, with daily suggestions and monthly habits)
  • Creativity pampering - more crafting and homemade gifting.
  • Mind pampering - more reading - Bible, enrichment, mindless enjoyment.
  • Body pampering - exfoliation, hair care, okay - exercise and losing the gluten (gulp) and maybe dairy (double gulp)
  • Stomach pampering - more experimentation in the kitchen.  Less eating out, more simple cooking.
  • Wallet pampering - how to do all this on less money?  

All right, that seems like a good start.  The list.  Not too overwhelming (yah, right)  but still, it's good to have goals.

Step one - learning to let go.  Stuff and self inflicted obligations.  So maybe for the rest of the week, I'll take a good hard look at what I've committed to doing.  I'll look at not only what I'm doing, but why I'm doing it, and how it makes me feel.  

Then next week, I'll do the same for "stuff"  Ooh, look at that.  I see a plan forming.  A plan, always a great place to start.  Yes, that's it.  A plan.  hmmm.

and of course I shall deploy my mantra "Just get started"  

And, since the sun's shining today, I suppose I should "just get started" cleaning up dog doings in the yard.  Blech.  

On that happy note....I'm off.  

Happy New Year !!!

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