Friday, April 5, 2013

Unclassifiable Ramblings, my fav kind of post

I once read this fantastic piece of blogging advice.  Never apologize for not writing, or offer up feeble excuses. 

So...I just joined this writing class.  You know, an on-line one.  The instructor encouraged each and every one of us who has a blog to boldly provide a link to said blog.  I shall name the instructor at a later date...cause if she reads this post, I don't want her to think I'm sucking up.  The sucking up will come later.  I don't want to risk a premature suck up.  We've only begun the class on Monday.  Yes April Fools day. 

This, however, got me to thinking.  If I'm to actually be bold enough to provide a link to my world famous blog "Methods of a Mostly Managing Mom," I might feel less embarrassed if there was some actual content on it from 2013.  (according to my stats page, I have readers in Russia and India.  Sure might be spam hits...but still it's on the stats page, so it counts)

You know what I did last week?  I hired a company to come into my yard once a week and clean up the dog poop for me.  Yes I did.  I'm helping the economy.  And not one of those national chain franchise sort of dog doody scooping companies.  No, No.  I'll not be lining the pockets of a big corporation with my dogs doings. My dog poop company is a small local company, started by a woman.  Based in an industrial park.  She answers her own phone and calls her poop picker uppers "technicians."  And I'm guessing, she's not too proud to technician a bit herself, should the need arise. 

I do clean my own house though.  Sort of.  I mean I don't pay anyone to come in and clean my house.  If there is any cleaning done in my house, it's done by me.  Or my husband, or the children when I threaten them.  The dog licks anything food like off the floor.  That's pretty close to mopping.

Hmm, low flying helicopter over the house.  Second time today.  Hope there isn't some dangerous criminal on the loose.  Maybe I should lock the door.  I do have my ferocious dog to save me.  Or at least confuse an intruder long enough for me to bolt out the back door.  She's the same color as the floor you see, which makes her somewhat stealth, and easy to trip over...Way to take one for the team.  Mommy loves you Frankie....Now RUNNNNN.  Save yourself.  (I'm already over the fence, of course.)

okay, so I think I've got enough here to count as content.  Perhaps I'll focus on substance next time.  A little spell check, then hit the "Publish" button, then I'm off to pick up a couple of giggly girl scouts.  (Brownies, actually, but I was afraid if I said I was picking up "giggly brownies" you might get the wrong impression of me.)


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