Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day...without electricity

What a day and night !!
Our power went out about 8:30 am. Having lived through the '96 ice storm here in the Pacific Northwest, I knew it was going to be out for awhile. We may not have a generator, but we do have just enough battery powered gizmo's that we got through just fine.

Our teenager was sick in bed.  So he slept through most of it.  My daughter and I spent hours coloring in her coloring books. I forgot how fun it was to color!! (especially now that she's older and doesn't tell me what colors to use.) 

When it got dark, we lit a few candles and fired up a couple of L.E.D. "As Seen on TV" light pucks. We had a "fire" in the gas fireplace. We pulled out our battery operated DVD player (you know, the kind you entertain the kids with in the car on road trips). We all huddled around the 7 inch screen and watched "How to train your dragon." We also broke the no eating in the family room rule, and ate the rapidly softening ice cream from the freezer.

After our daughter went off to bed, (fleece footie jammies, comforter, fleece blanket, and was 57 degrees upstairs) the rest of us played cards, for about two hours.  I woke up at around 2:30 this morning, drenched in sweat. No, not a hot flash (this time, anyway) but the power was back on, and so was the furnace!!!

 My daughter is greatly disappointed this morning to see lights on ! I almost am too.

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