Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur

Lately I’ve become obsessed with designer shoes.  Maybe it’s because it’s award show season and all the fabulous fashions are being featured everywhere you look.  But if that were the case, you’d think I’d be obsessed with Harry Winston Jewels, or Chanel Gowns. 

Yesterday, I was at Nordstrom’s shopping for shoes, and before I headed over to “my department” to purchase my annual $43 pair of Tom’s canvas shoes, I wandered through the Salon Shoe department….pretending like I belonged.  I browsed the Louboutin’s with their lovely red soles, I pondered the Jimmy Choo pumps, as though I thought $595 was a reasonable price for a pair of classic black ones. 

I’ve yet to be bold enough to ask to try a pair on.  I’m afraid the salesman would chase me away with a stick.  Or worse yet, I’d somehow manage to justify the expense and find myself heading home to my mom life with a pair of metallic stiletto sandals on my feet.  (ok, that wouldn’t really happen…I’m pretty sure I would fall over dead if I tried to pay that much for a pair of shoes)  That is, if I didn't fall over and suffer a serious head injury while trying to walk in stilettos.

I've even begun stalking designer shoes on eBay.  In fact I even put in a bid on a pair of Prada’s.  (my $49 bid was not enough, alas)

One time I found a Kate Spade handbag in pristine condition in a thrift store for $10.  Yes, I bought it.  And it was very cute and just my style.  After I had it though, I found myself coveting it.  Watching it like a hawk, for fear it would be soiled or stolen.  It turned out to be too small for my needs, but I carried it for over a year, because it was a Kate Spade.  Once I realized I was doing this, simply so I could be seen with an expensive handbag – even though I only paid $10 – I decided I had to put a stop to it. 

I could have put the bag on eBay or craigslist and probably sell it for $100.  Instead though, I thought about my sister-in- law.  She was about to graduate from law school.  She earned her degrees while being a working wife and mother.  I gave her the handbag for her graduation gift. 

You know what…it felt great.  I’m tickled pink whenever I see her carrying the bag. 

It truly is better to give than to receive.  And though I no longer believe in the words of Billy Crystal as “Fernando”, “it’s better to look good than to feel good,” I will continue to dream about designer stiletto sandals, while I walk the dog in my canvas Toms.  (and how the dog got into my canvas Tom's I have no idea:-)

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