Monday, March 19, 2012

Radio Silence

My humblest of apologies for not being here last week to provide wit and wisdom for you.  I'm doing our taxes.  Seems you have to e-file before March 23 on Turbo Tax to get the reduced e-file price.  It goes up by 20 bucks after the 23rd.  Far too cheap to do that. 

Seems unfair, this e-file fee.  Sure, it's really the price of purchasing the software.  I get it.  But phrasing it as e-file fee, makes me feel like I'm paying a poll tax. 

And yes, the cost of e-filing is far less than the cost of having an accountant do it.  (which I did the year we decided to get out of the slumlord business, and sell our rental house.  That one cost me $400 bucks)

As a recovering accountant, I'm perfectly capable of handling our middle class return.  It is a hassle though...hunting up receipts and verifying the this's and the thats's. 

Thank Heavens I'm almost done.  I'll be back in full form next week.  I might even sneak in a post here and there this week, but no promises.  I'll try.

I haven't even read the other blogs I follow.  That's how busy I am.  Stupid taxes.  Stupid, stupid, stupid taxes. It doesn't help I'm trying to do it on a netbook.  Oh Yes, you're right, a netbook would be a tiny screened fully underpowered and completely slow on the Internet device.  Thoroughly unsuitable to the tax task at hand. 

It works great for word processing, which is mostly what I use it for.  But I've been trying to train a puppy at the same time I'm doing the taxes, which requires mobility.  Unfortunately, I never learned my numbers when I took typing in high school.  (that's how old I am.  We took typing...on a typewriter.  Only the geeks took computer science.  Hi Honey, I love you)  Which leaves me hunting and pecking.  Sad, when you consider the numbers are in NUMERICAL order across the top of the keyboard.  But hey, that's how I roll.

And so I bid you adieu.  Or as they say in Romania, "Buna Ceara". 

My new guilty pleasure "Smash" is coming on soon, and I totally have earned watching it this week !!  Gotta go.

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