Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I need a nap…or a drink

Or maybe I need a cup of coffee.  Hmmm, why stop there, I need a cup of coffee in France.  I need servants….who can pick up my house while I either drink coffee in France or while I take a nap. 

I need sunshine !! 

I need the rabbits to leave my yard alone…go get ‘em Frankie.  Oh yes, widding my yard of wascally wabbits is high on my priority list.  They ate my crocus bulbs.  Dug them up, and ATE them.  Left just little bits of roots behind.  I thought about putting little bits of dog poop in the garden, to terrify and trick said rabbits into thinking a rabid terrier is lurking, waiting to pounce and EAT them.  But, I’m afraid it would only encourage the dog to poop in the garden.

I need ice blue metallic Jimmy Choo stiletto sandals. 

Oops, once again I seem to blurring the line between want and need. 

I need rest, food, and shelter.  I want all those other things.  Some of them I want really bad !!  I mean really really bad.  (particularly the nap, because I can’t shake this cough, and I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in about a week.  Which makes me kind of whiny and shall we say, discontented.)

Wait a minute, didn’t I say rest was something I needed?  I did.  And isn’t a nap “rest?”  Why yes it is.  It is rest.  Well then ladies and gentleman (not gentlemen, cause I think my husband is the only male who’s ever read any of my posts) a nap it shall be !!!!  See you tomorr zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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