Monday, March 12, 2012

Ding ding ding boop boop TILT

Today I'm feeling a bit like a pinball.  Bouncing around from one task to another.  All the while thinking of more things that I could be doing...more projects I could be starting, some fun, some not so fun.

I'm officially headed back to Romania this summer to lead a women's conference and help plant a MOPs group.  I'm officially leading the trip, so let the planning commence !!  I'm so jazzed.  Bing, ding.

I discovered this morning I haven't cleaned the toilet in the kids bathroom in about, well hmmm, it's too gross to even think about.  (pinball down the hole)

I went out to run some errands this morning, in between appointments, and wallet.  ding bing bing bing, pinball down the hole.

Martha Stewart just said it was almost time to start planting cold weather vegetables.  Lettuces and the like.  I have spring fever, so this is indeed good news.  ('cept for the wabbits)  ding, ding ding, bing bing, bumper save, bing ding.

aww man, I still have to figure out what's for dinner.  (there goes that pinball down the hole again.)

ohhh, I have to go clean up the dog doings from the backyard.  ding ding......TILT. 

Well, if everything were easy and rosy, I wouldn't know when I was having fun, would I?  All fun all the time just might end up being no fun at all. 

Oh, look at that, I have a high enough score, I've just earned a free game.  Fantastic !

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