Monday, February 13, 2012

The beauty of a bookmark

Guess what I discovered this weekend, while cleaning out my office.  (still working on's gonna take some time)  A cache of bookmarks - that's what. 

There's the one someone made for me, with a picture of my husband and I at the beach, looking particularly in love.

There's the bookmarks from different retreats I've been on. 

There's some freebee bookmarks from bookstores, and a couple of just because bookmarks I've probably gotten in my  Christmas stocking over the years. 

I wonder though, why I found these in a box on a shelf?  Shouldn't they be, oh I don't know, in a book?  Marking something like, oh I don't know, where I should start reading again.

Heaven knows, I'm reading at least 4 books at any given time, in addition to the instant download gratification books I'm reading on my electronic e-readie gizmo thing-a-mabob.  ( I did discover, when the power is out, and your e-reader's battery dies, it's good to have a physical book backup)

Here's what the books I'm currently reading are marked with:
  • Last weeks grocery list
  • A receipt from the paint store dated Mar 2010
  • Laying open, spine up, on the nightstand
  • The instructions for my new alarm clock
  • a pen.
  • a business card from a cutie little art gallery.
In ten minutes, all those are going to be replaced with my actual in fact bookmarks.  (though, the art gallery business card is really pretty)  And I will have acheived two of my goals.

  • Not be such a hoarder of stuff I never use
  • Surrounding myself only with things that make me happy.
And these pretty bookmarks, make me happy. 

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