Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A trick to get the house cleaned

Gypsy: Dachshund, Dog; Issaquah, WA

We are getting a dog.  We finally made the decision yesterday.  The hunt is now on for the perfect pound puppy (no, not puppy, exactly - but a rescue dog that's been fostered and housebroken )  We are meeting our first candidate Wednesday evening.  Very exciting.  And yes, the dog we are looking for is a small dog of the lap variety.  A "useless" dog, if you will.  But cute, snuggly, wiggly, fits into our lifestyle, and makes small poop.

The kids spent the morning "dog proofing" downstairs.  I told my youngest to be on the lookout for anything of hers a dog might chew up.  You'd be amazed at what sort of motivation that gave. In fact, my daughter was pestering me to pick up my stuff as well.  She even used the old, "Mommy, if you leave your stuff laying around, it tells me you don't really want it anymore."  Hmm, gonna have to reassert my alpha female with her, I see.  And it was only a book I left on the coffee table.  Sheesh, lighten up kid.

Having this dog might also help loosen Samantha's stranglehold on "Baby" and "Silkie".  I love lovies as much as the next mom, and I think they serve a great purpose, but at almost seven, I'm thinking they should really be more of a bedtime thing.  Baby and Silkie are seriously starting to show their age.  They've been around since shortly after her birth, and have been boon companions ever since.  Baby recently underwent a stuffing transplant operation, and is looking much better, but Silkie...poor guy.  Silkie is frayed at the edges, and is more knobby and pilly than silky.  I'm not sure how many more washings he's got left in him.  I'm already washing him in the delicate cycle in a lingerie bag.

I wonder why we gave Silkie a male persona?  I mean, he's silky, and he's pink.  Or grayish pink now.  Still, not really characteristics one associates with a male.  Except with all the pilling on him, he does sort of have a five o'clock shadow.  Besides, after all these years, changing his gender on him would be rather confusing.  Then he would have to undergo extensive counseling....Better to just accept the fact that Silkie is a sissy boy and love him for what he is.   

So a dog ought to make life more interesting, and provide for lots of good blog material in the coming months.  I can't wait to go to obedience school, and make fun of the things the trainers say !!!

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