Friday, February 10, 2012

Why I like Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones is a brat.  She's mouthy, she's naughty, she's sometimes mean, she uses words I don't allow used in our house.  She usually means well, and often just gets in over her head and doesn't know how to get out.

As mom's and former kindergartners ourselves, we totally get Junie B. Jones.  (Once you get over the initial shock, and once you stop feel guilty for allowing your precious and impressionable child to read this)

Our children are either a) Junie B. Jones...or b) plays with someone just like Junie B. Jones. 

In short, Junie B. Jones and her behavior is nothing new to our precious and impressionable children. 

Junie B. Jones books do require parental involvement.  I read each one aloud to my daughter.  Snuggled on the couch, or cuddled up under the covers in her bed.  Junie B. Jones give us lots of "learning opportunities" and "talking points".  We talk a lot about how she would deal with someone who was like Junie B. Jones.

My daughter thinks Junie B. Jones is funny.  She thinks burping is funny.  She thinks knock knock jokes without a punch line are funny.  "knock knock, who's there, bunny, bunny who, bunny ate a rock"  (cut to fits of giggles)  She's seven.  (almost)

My daughter will spend an hour sitting on the couch, reading Junie B. Jones to herself.  Cover to cover.  Then read it over again.

Only guess what, that's why I like Junie B. Jones.

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