Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lesson from the doghouse


Having a dog is teaching me all sorts of things.  My training is well underway.  We are now ending the first week of puppy ownership, and we’ve had two whole days now of no accidents !!! 

Since Frankie is still a puppy, albeit an older puppy, she still needs eyes on her at all times she’s not crated.  This means of course, the baby gate has been resurrected.  I’m flashing back to toddler time. 

I’ve discovered, I’ve been living life rather haphazardly.  Doing a little of this, a little of that, never quite completely finishing anything, before something else demanded my attention, (like the internet).  Miss Frankie, however, has required I be more focused on my tasks.  It’s a lot easier to block out distractions when I’m laden with guilt about my adorable puppy being crated so I can clean the bathroom. 

Yes, mommy guilt apparently extends to puppy mommies.  But sometimes, though I’m not a big fan of guilt in general, if mommy guilt is channeled into a positive and motivating force…well why not?  Things are getting done more efficiently, and I find I have more time to relax and play with the puppy. 

And she’s so sweet.  (I may have mentioned that before) 

This puppy is really kind of an ego boost as well.  Nothing like being greeted by the wagging tail.  Wagging butt, truth be told.  I highly recommend being adored.  It’s great.
And now for something completely different.  My six year old had an assignment, “If I were President of the United States I would...make a rule that everyone must have a pet.  And, only be able to eat one piece of candy a day to be healthy.  And, only one hour of play time in the snow."

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