Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tickled Pink, and all kinds of other colors

I bought this book at Half-Price Books today.  For $3.99 plus tax.  Why?  Well, it's certainly not cause I want to or plan to do any "Landscape Drawing in Pencil." 

You see, I think it was sometime after my grandpa came home from serving on a destroyer in the South Pacific in WWII.  He wanted to work on his drawing skills.  My grandma said he went to the library for several days with his drawing pencils and practiced. 

He came home with several wonderful pencil drawings, some of which my grandma had framed.  Four of them hung over the sofa in their living room, until my grandma passed away 17 years ago.  Then my mom got two, and my aunt got the other two. 

A few years ago, my cousin rejoined the sets and had really good copies made for all five of the grandkids.  I now have my set framed and hanging throughout my house. 

Today, I was looking for a book on drawing flowers, because I want to design a header for this blog that includes pansies.   I love pansies. 

I pulled "Landscape drawing in pencil" off the shelf, thinking there might be some pansies in there.  (there aren't)  but right away on the cover, I saw the boat drawing that I have hanging in my entryway.  I flipped through,

and there was the cottage with the little girl, which hangs in my daughters bedroom

then I found the windmill,

and finally the covered bridge, which hang in our bedroom.

All four of the pictures.  All meticulously re-drawn by my grandfather in the 1940's from a book he found in the library.  This book.  Originally printed in 1936, and reprinted in 2006, and now in my hand from Half-Price Books in 2012. 

Wow !!

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