Friday, February 17, 2012

Watch Out..., cause I'm feeling wacky and wordy.  (Don't worry, "wordy" is completely different than "mouthy")  Could be interesting though, cause I didn't fall asleep until after 2:30 this morning.  And I'm hopped up on coffee and cold medicine.

Cold medicine??  Wait, wasn't I just sick?  Didn't I just write a post about being sick EXACTLY two weeks ago?  Why yes I did.  And yes I was.  Only today, it's mid winter break for the kids, so there is no big yellow school bus to come lumberin' down the road to give me 6 hours of blessed rest. 

"Yes my darling daughter, you can watch TV." 

It's ok though, she's not watching MTV or worse yet, Nickelodeon.  A year ago, I did the math, and discovered we were paying over $800 a year for the privilege of having a whole bunch of channels I don't allow my children to watch.  We boldly cut the cord.  We didn't go completely cold turkey.  We kept basic cable. So I guess you could say, we boldly cut most of the cord.  She's watching PBS.  "Sid the Science Kid," I believe.  Which just goes to show you how desperate she is for entertainment...cause she's about to turn seven, and Sid is a show for preschoolers.  (yes, I caught the cold from her)

It's been kinda rough, this no cable thing.  For me.  Oh, I suppose it's been tough for the children too.  But for them, it's for their own good and character building.  For me, it means no HGTV or Food Network.  It's hard.  To lose your Paula Deen, just like that.  One day it's all "Hey y'all".  Next day, re-runs of Jacques Pepin on PBS.  Now Jacques is a fabulous chef.  And makes some wonderful food.  Food, I believe I could actually prepare...and he makes it with a lot less butter than my gal Paula.  Which is odd of course, because he's French and we all know how the French feel about their butter.  But he lacks a certain Paulaesque, je ne sais quoi.

Whoa, if only you could see what I see, I totally just freaked out spell checker.  The last paragraph is all lit up with little yellow boxes.

By the way, as a brief aside.  I saw Paula Deen in person once.  If only I had known how to work my camera phone.  She was at Costco.  Here, in the Pacific Northwest.  At MY Costco.  She was on a book tour.  And can I just say...she's GORGEOUS.  (My mom did tell me though, that Paula probably wears a wig, so I feel better, and am planning to wear wigs too, starting on the day I turn 60) 

So here's to coffee and DayQuil !!  May my cup runneth over today.  'cept I'm almost out of coffee beans.  Good thing my new neighbor works for Starbucks Corporate.  They always have an extra bag. 

Ah, life is indeed beautiful.  (Calgon...take me away!!)

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